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NORA Gave me a Psychic reading I had problems in love and career. I was 42 years old and stuck in a rut. NORA told me I did not need spiritual help so she OFFERED her LIFE COACH services I Accepted. Her advice and guidance is amazing . I felt comfortable talking to her like a best friend whit Expert advice.She encouraged me to make changes in my life.4 months later I have a Great new job.and a absolutely great new relationship. I Highiy Recommend NORA............ GABBY 
Tank you NORA my reading was very helpful and encouraging. I Highly recommend her.           KIM 
Frankly I was skeptical about psychic so one day I happened to be next door to a psychic shop doing my nails and I had some time to kill so I went in to Nora psychic shop and had a tarot reading she was so accurate that I had chills she told me things in my life and situation I was in precisely I was so impressed by Nora .Needless to say I am not Skeptical anymore . 
Thank you so muck Nora you Changed my life for the better ...............K S, Austin TX
I have been going to Nora for many many years She has helped me with everything and guided me on the right path. Thanks Nora for everything  Sharon , San Antonio, Tx     
 Me and my ex-boyfriend were going thru A rough time, I called Nora and she was very Understanding And Helpful. She Reunited Us and now we are married and happier then ever. I still call Nora For advice. thanks Nora!!!  Suelynn

Always very caring And positive. Excellent and accurate. Amazed at the results Jerry, ILL
Nora is a truly gifted Psychic I have had several reading with her all amazingly accurate . She gave me hope and guidance with all Issues and problems I was having .I Highly Recommend Nora.........Amber 
Nora,s spiritual cleansing is worth every penny. She blew me away. Very honest. Great Experience. You can speak to her like a friend. Awesome awesome work You won't be disappointed! Thank you so much ........NORA    Craig 
I was separated from my husband for 6 Months it did not seem like we would get back together .So I called NORA and started the Reuniting process.and it worked we are happier then ever thank you Nora I am so grateful .... love Ramona , Orlando FL 
I was very Unlucky I felt Negativity All Around me I thought it was in my mind years of therapy did not help so a friend told me to call NORA  I was skeptical I called NORA she amazed me she told me exactly what I was feeling and what was Happening in my life. She offered to help me she did a Spiritual Cleansing.I was Amazed at the results. She changed my life...... Forever Grateful  ......Olivia , IL 
I Needed advice and guidance. I have had several readings over the course of the last year. No one seems to help me then I found Nora I called her for a Psychic Reading  She provided advice to all of my problems.She is accurate and straightforward. I highly recommend Nora   Renee
I went to Nora in February she told me I was moving out of state. I did not believe her because we just bought a house.I loved my job I was very happy here.my husband just found out he is getting a great new promotion and we must move in September.Nora also said it would be a good change. hope she's right.Everything Nora said is coming true . THANKS NORA LOVE Lillian, AUSTIN
Nora has answered my questions In my relationship and as always I will keep you updated thanks Nora for your guidance  Kathy 
I just wanted to again say thank you for all your help and support, and for you to know how much I appreciate all you do… Everything you shared has transpired for me .....Linda C ,FL

I felt extremely comfortable with Nora.She shared great insight into the man I was interested in discussing. She knew exactly what was going on in our relationship without me telling her.Nora offered insight, Great Advice,and Solutions to all my relationship problems.She is truly a pleasure to talk to Toni , New York
 NORA thank you very much for a beautiful reading . You gave me such a peace and clarity I definitely needed .You assured me that my boyfriend will be back to me and soon and he was 4 days after your reading he was back and you said 4-6 days Thanks, Jayden, Peoria
Nora is the real thing. I just had to thank you for the incredible psychic reading you gave me. I had a reading done recently via telephone, and at first I thought "ya sure!" I guess it seemed so unlikely to occure in my life. Well let me tell you: I was floored one week later when what Nora predicted actually did happen! I couldn't believe it !Nora is very gifted and I am very grateful.          A E , British Columbia
She connected very well to my situation and was able to give me a lot more insight about my boyfriend's feelings I really value her help and guidance          Laura , West Virginia 
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all services provided by psychic Nora is based on her religion and spiritual beliefs they are in no way to be used as a substitute for professional, psychiatric, medical or legal help.If you are facing illness, mental Instability or any legal issues please consult with your local registered health care or legal professional as soon as possible